Technical Case Studies

Technical Solutions for Associations with Kentico or IMIS, big and small

Sensis Total Check Integration
Sensis Total Check is completely integrated with your IMIS data for validation and comes with a suite of user interface components to integrate into the user experience
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3DN iMIS Gateway Provider model
A more granular and deeper way for creating CC gateway integration for IMIS
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1-Click Membership Renewal
With 3DN 1-Click Membership renewal, you can send members a personalised URL that enables them to renew their membership without any need to login.
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1-Click Event Registration
Every Event registration can be performed as a response to an email invitation with no need to login
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Kentico | iMIS Synchronisation Bridge
Vastly simplify the process of publishing content to your website from your IMIS platform or publish website segmentation and behaviour information back to your IMIS system.
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iMIS Database Anonymisation
Allow your IMIS database to be given to any 3rd party knowing all of your private and financial data has been completely removed but that your complete IMIS setup is retained for testing and development.
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