3DN iMIS Gateway Provider model


We have been asked many times by clients why they can't have more information about a CC rejection. In Fundraising for example, it is critically important to know not just that a transaction is rejected, but why. And there is also a wealth of information to be gleaned from storing rejectionsfor future analysis. None of this can be done through the standard iMIS CC Gateway interface, where nothing can be saved if the card is declined.

The Goal

We wanted to create a facility for managing integration to any credit card gateway through a standard mechanism, so that we weren't reinventing this wheel each time we needed to create a new gateway.

The Outcome

We developed the 3DN CC Gateway provider. This sits between iMIS and your credit card authorisation gateway and, if your gateway supports it, interacts with the gateway at a much more granular level. It logs not just rejections but rejection reasons and allows you to create a classification for types of rejections. iMIS can still behave in its simple way - a decline means nothing is saved. But you will have full reconciliation to the gateway stored in your database, so you will have a record of every transaction passed to the gateway and the outcome.