Sensis Total Check Data Validation


Keeping your data accurate and consistent is extremely difficult, especially when you are opening up your database for every member or constituent to manage the data themselves. One man's Suite is another man's SE, one man's Street is another man's St. And when going online the effort required for members to enter and maintain the contact details can sometimes be onerous enough to stop them from giving you up to date and accurate data

The Goal

We integrated the Sensis Totalcheck address and contact validation suite into our Kentico web suite. We implemented type down address data entry, reverse lookup of address data, clear indications of whether an address is valid plus a host of other items. Going forward, we are also implementing individual name, phone number, business name and email validation, where all elements of the record can work together to give the cleanest possible and most complete data set.

The Outcome

For full information on the Sensis TotalCheck solution, go to their website. We experienced great improvements in usability and accuracy of data. The data entry experience is hugely simplified.