Promoting the largest major biannual ADA member event


The Australian Dental Association (ADA) is the peak national body for the dental profession. The organisation manages its online presence through a Kentico website which provides fully comprehensive, real-time integration to its IMIS AMS.

The Goal

To develop a dedicated congress website for the Australian Dental Congress 2017 which personalised the user experience. The site needed to live within the official ADA website so that content could be shared with the main site while creating its own interface and content structures.

The Challenges

The congress consisted of over 200 sessions, six audience groups and four streams running over five days. ADA needed the visibility and cross-functionality of managing each session, event location and speaker.

The Solution

To build a specialist microsite for the conference. To implement structured content concepts in Kentico for configuration of sophisticated content types that represented each day, stream, time, speaker and location. To create a reusable template for future congress style events with the ability to deploy a new look and feel as a content management task.

The Outcome

A seamless and user-friendly experience for the content manager creating and maintaining the conference programme. A highly flexible content structure for updating days and sessions through a simple drag and drop interface. A simple and personalised online programme for attendees with the ability for ADA to direct individuals to targeted information and events throughout their visit. From the ground up, the implementation was on budget and took just five weeks to build. The cost of the implementation was immediately offset by a reduced investment needed to manage PCO. The effort involved in creating and managing a programme of this size was halved through the use of structured content with a rich taxonomy. The 2017 conference saw a 20% increase in attendees compared to 2015. In 2019, ADA had a ready-made template to self-manage future congress sites with no technical intervention from 3DN.

It’s a pleasure to work with an 3DN. The 3DN team legitimately care about the best possible outcome for our business and enjoy doing great work.

Matthew Connor
Head of Marketing