Fully Automated Email Communications


CEDA conduct research on a range of topics related to the economic management growth of australia. They recently implemented a new website using Kentico with real time integration to iMIS, their AMS.

The Goal

Driving the move to a new website was a series of business process automations to allow members to get the most value from their membership investment and drive members to timely responses for common business transactions. In total, 77 automatic micro-systems were put in place covering everything from thank you emails for membership renewals through to internal notification when specific changes occurred on the website.

The Challenges

The shear magnitude of automations required and the complexity and constraints under which they do and do not run was the key challenge.

The Solution

Implementation of a custom scheduling service, in addition to employing 3DN’s Howler product allowed for highly personalised messages that were tightly integrated into the AMS, allowing timely communication based on complex rules to be implemented.

The Outcome

A reduction in manual communications allowed staff to concentrate on functions providing higher member value in addition to driving members back to the website to maintain their own transactions and updates.