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Association expertise driving success with technology

Case Studies

Save time and money by automating the communication workflow

CEDA has implemented a fully integrated website and commerce solution powered by Kentico and 3DN. As part of their solution, a fully automated communication engine has been implemented meaning staff no longer spend time managing outbound communication to members for upcoming events.

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Integration solution delivering a great member experience

The Liberal Party has undertaken a journey of streamlining all of its member and supporter commerce functions under 3DN’s guiding hands. Offering unprecedented flexibility and ease, all party contributions can now be processed online along with membership renewals, donations and event registrations.

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We Know Associations

Member Experience Solutions for Associations

Members, front and centre

We equip you with the processes, techniques, training and tools that will ensure you deliver on your responsibility to your membership. We provide you with the expertise to transform the information you have at your fingertips into valuable insights that drive member engagement and growth. We create game-changing solutions that focus on you achieving your mission - because we understand Associations.

Analytics for Associations

Rich insights driving personalised engagement

Combining all the insights across multiple systems into one single marketing platform. Providing full transparency over every interaction with a member so you can better understand their needs to provide a rich, personalised experience. Providing a state of the art marketing platform to measure, manage and automate the end-to-end engagement process.

Integration for Associations

Streamlined experience for your members and staff

Every transaction is tailored to be as efficient as possible to serve both the member and Association. Eliminate tedious and repetitive administration so that your staff can focus on delivering real value to your members. Every member action is highly configurable and personalised, enabling a unique member experience for each transaction and interaction.

We make sure there is a single source of truth for every piece of critical member information. Upgrades are guaranteed through the use of 100% application native and API compliant extensions.


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Content Solutions for Associations

Combining a best of breed CMS with Association needs

We understand the needs of Associations when it comes to content.  We bring the power of enterprise content management to provide a fully integrated, personalised experience for every member.

Every piece of content you create for your members, whether it is on your website, in email, in your magazine or on your mobile app, is managed in a centralised repository.  Experts create and manage the content, supported by state of the art workflows.  Designers ensure that every piece of content displays where it should and looks great!

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