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Our templates do not include any header or footer as standard meaning that each email you build requires you to add header information like logos and branding.  This document shows you how to adjust the template to include a standard header.

Our example

To clearly explain how to add a standard header to your template we'll be adding the following to the top of one of the standard templates inlcuded in our pack.

Adding the header

Firstly we need to edit the template:
  1. Navigate to the template to be modified. Applications > On-line marketing > Email marketing > Email templates
  2. Select the pencil icon for the template to be modified

Now we need to find the location to add the header:
  1. In the template editor, using the search function (CTRL+F or Command+F) to find the text "$$emailwidgetMain$$"
  2. Directly above that, create an empty new line in the template
  3. Copy the content from below into your template


See the Pen ePYWXm by Jay (@jaymcc) on CodePen.

You can now edit your header by modifying the image or content as needed.