Liberal Party of Australia
Integrated Event Presentation and Registration

Simplifying and streamlining the registration process


Across Australia, the Liberal Party has more than 80,000 members in more than 2,000 branches, which are governed by their respective State Liberal Party “Divisions”. The NSW division of the Liberal Party (LPNSW) is sustained by supporters through paid memberships.

The Goal

3DN was engaged to create online event registration services for members and supporters that provided an easy to use experience while enforcing the many rules eligibility to register and attend party events

The Challenges

To create online event registration services for members and supporters that are user-friendly while enforcing eligibility standards for registering and attending party events. It was critical for LPNSW to identify known or return visitors, however it was deemed unlikely that members and supporters would login. LPNSW has a number of complex rules that apply to its members registering for particular events or maximum annual spent limits that must be enforced. LPNSW wanted to provide highly personalised and targeted offers to individual supporters.

The Solution

3DN implemented a highly specialised commerce interface for event registrations that combined targeted, personalised invitations with a reactive configuration based on the booker. Supporters can be offered an individualised set of registration options while ensuring they adhere to the rules of making political contributions.

The Outcome

Today, every transaction is achieved online. LPNSW has full transparency over its supporter base without the need for members to login. A 50% reduction in processing costs. The flexibility to introduce new types of events at any time.

3DN have worked with us for nearly 5 years and in this time I have found their support and service impeccable. No matter how big or small our challenge , Mick, Jay and Stu are always on hand to offer practical advice and possible solutions to fit our business needs. Mick is our main contact at 3DN, and he is fantastic at working across multiple departments, projects and with multiple people. 3DN strength is their depth of knowledge with iMIS, due to having access to Mick, Jay and Stu.

Alissa Lang
Manager, Database and Development