About Us

Delivering solutions for associations

Our Vision

We strive to be recognised as the best supplier of Integrated Websites for Associations in Australia and North America.

We aim to achieve this by providing Associations with the right tools to create an experience for members that is personalised, targeted and effective. With our collective experience and expertise, we truly believe that we can help Associations achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

We place Associations in the driver’s seat, enabling them to deliver an array of content and services to their members which is always relevant and beneficial.

Our Values

We deliver solutions that utilise best in breed technology coupled with a lifetime commitment to the Association sector.

We combine the principle of a single source of truth for every insight about your member with the ability to provide the most relevant and refined experience in every interaction they have with the Association.

We recognise and appreciate the trust that members place in Associations, and the trust Associations put in us as a partner to deliver the most loyal and effective journey as possible.


Where it began

In 2010, we (Jay, Stuart and Mick) founded 3DN with a mission to improve the lives of members and customers of Associations. Our commitment to Associations extends as far back as the early 1990’s where the journey first began.

Over the years, we’ve collectively racked up 50 years of experience working with hundreds of Associations across Australia, the US and the UK. 3DN’s long term specialist knowledge and passion for changing the way Associations operate continues to inform our work.

First there were three. Now there are five in Australia and four in India.  Together as a team we work tirelessly creating technology solutions that help Associations streamline their processes and optimise the experience for their members and customers.