Work with the team

Reorganising and setting KPI's


We created 2 dev teams within our Kentico group, each with 3 people led by Sunanda and Sachin. The scope is to add another developer to each team, which is planned for Q1 2019. Each team leader takes final responsibility for our 2 main development KPI's Creating an estimate that is supported by a plan and then delivering to that estimate. When work is delivered, the team leader is responsible for a confirmed unit testing strategy to support the developer in assuring work is right first time. We have found the biggest challenge in working offshore is dealing with the "availability lag". When a local developer has reported work as being complete and we find an error or misunderstanding, it is easy to immediately refer the task back to them for resolution. With the offshore team, this can result in a wait of another 24 hours to communicate the issue back to the dev team and get a resolution.